Cyber Security

Why choose Us.Because we are Reliable.

We believe in delivering excellence at every point in our service continuum. We believe our commitment to excellence helps ensure that our clients, partners, consultants, and team members will achieve their goals and is responsible for our longstanding success.

Our Mission.To Redefine your Brand.

We are committed to serving our client’s needs with true excellence, professionalism, integrity, and passion. Our mission is to embrace innovative solutions through rigorous and clear-eyed evaluation and support diverse IT professionals to get placed in top MNCs.

What we Do.Make our Customers Happy.

We provide our clients with the best IT talent and custom software solutions, fully immersing ourselves in each customer’s IT and Engineering environment in order to understand critical goals, develop measures of success, and meet challenges with expert human talent and technical solutions. Revolutionize your data into your most dynamic and competitive asset.

What’s your defense strategy for the digital era?

Get contextual next-generation managed security solutions by Creative Global Consulting.

The threats of cyber attacks are a part and parcel of businesses - and your customers know it. Our Cyber Security Solutions can help you stay ahead of the threats and put your customers minds at ease. We take an integrated approach to protection that prioritizes not only prevention, but also minimizing risk and controlling loss. Our team of experts deploy the right solutions to keep your company protected, and resilient, whatever the circumstances.

Our aim is to:

  • Be your trusted compliance and risk program adviser.
  • Deliver cost-effective technology to reduce enterprise-wide risk.
  • Detect and respond to threats on your behalf.

Bring information security leadership to enterprises of all sizes.

Cloud Security

Our team helps enterprises in their digital journeys through innovations, transformation and optimization while enabling business to be more secure and compliant to various stringent regulatory requirements. At Creative Global Consulting, we offer comprehensive cloud security, risk management and governance services to protect multiple cloud-based business applications and assets.

Data Privacy

We leverage Artificial Intelligence, Automation and Analytics to redesign business processes, automate subject access requests, and breach notification processes. Our highly experienced team will help you strategize, assess, standardize, re-engineer and govern all aspects of data privacy by leveraging a risk based approach.

Managed Detection and Response

Get on-time intelligence to improve your ability to identify, measure, manage and mitigate information security risks.

Network Security

Secure your sensitive digital assets, confidential data and intellectual property from cyber threats and attacks.

Digital Assets Risk Management

Advanced tools, processes and automation technologies to identify, assess and mitigate risks to your key assets.

Professional Services

Evaluate, fortify and monitor your security posture through our certified professionals and improve compliance to 100%.

Zero Trust Solutions

Contextual and automated security solutions built on UEBA foundation to enhance controlled access to enterprise premises.

Why Choose Us?

  • 24X7 security alert detection and monitoring

Our analysts use industry leading AI/ML tools to continuously monitor security data ingested from varied organizational sources. We also provide detection capabilities to identify and react on security threats and risks.

  • Round the clock security incident response

Incidents are inevitable. Our 24X7 security services enable organizations to limit or contain security incidents to minimize impact.

  • Cybersecurity posture assessment and validation

Know the efficacy of deployed security technologies, your quantifiable risk score, readiness to defend against cyber attacks and cyber breach status. Assess your overall security posture and take corrective actions.

  • 24X7 security device management

Avail expert skill sets on security technologies to provide change, configuration, problem, performance and fault management as part of 24X7 device management service.

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