Recruiting for Federal and Defence Position

Why choose Us.Because we are Reliable.

We believe in delivering excellence at every point in our service continuum. We believe our commitment to excellence helps ensure that our clients, partners, consultants, and team members will achieve their goals and is responsible for our longstanding success.

Our Mission.To Redefine your Brand.

We are committed to serving our client’s needs with true excellence, professionalism, integrity, and passion. Our mission is to embrace innovative solutions through rigorous and clear-eyed evaluation and support diverse IT professionals to get placed in top MNCs.

What we Do.Make our Customers Happy.

We provide our clients with the best IT talent and custom software solutions, fully immersing ourselves in each customer’s IT and Engineering environment in order to understand critical goals, develop measures of success, and meet challenges with expert human talent and technical solutions. Revolutionize your data into your most dynamic and competitive asset.

Recruiting for Defense Position

Creative Global Consulting will respond to your technical requirements quickly with uncommon competence.

Our experienced recruiting team keeps pace with accelerated demands of the Defense and Intelligence, and Surveillance sectors for contract and direct hire personnel who possess specialized engineering experience.

Our highly qualified recruiters are diligent in understanding and addressing regulations, standards, technologies, and program economics. Call us today to explore how we may serve you.

Centered on Compliance

  • Extensive exposure to in-demand IT and engineering disciplines and other technical services.
  • Highly experienced with and compliance-focused with sensitive, regulated environments.
  • Successful execution in even the most complex projects as Defense Contractors under contracts with Departments of: Department of Defense, Homeland Security, Intelligence Community

Innovative Recruiting Powered by Top-Notch Technologies

Cutting-edge and world-class technologies enable our expert recruiters to find the best talent.

Our unique recruiting platform utilizes the powerful benefits of AI to identify active and passive candidates ideally suited for our clients’ positions. This smarter sourcing system, paired with personal engagement, helps us connect with top talent faster than humanly possible.

In addition, our client-focused, industry-specific Recruiting Process ensures that we identify, qualify, and deliver people with the specialized technical experience each client needs.

Recruiting for Government Positions

Creative Global Consulting provides solutions and resources to support every stage of technology development and delivery.

Staffing Your Mission-Critical Programs

We have been privileged to serve the departments of Defense, Homeland Security, Health, and other sectors.

Our desire to advance technology success with integrity, compliance, and fiscal responsibility is the cornerstone of our business. With a great track record of trust and reliability, we enjoy a wealth of deep-seated relationships that have led to our ability to place diverse skills set and cultivate a strong presence in government departments and related agencies.

We offer cost-effective solutions to meet unique government needs and serve those companies supporting government operations.

Delivering Higher Value Through Experience, Skills, Agility, and Performance

  • Software Engineering
  • Applications Development
  • Systems Engineering
  • Network Engineering
  • Help Desk/Desktop Support
  • Training & Operations Support
  • Information Assurance/Security
  • Staff Augmentation

A Valuable Consulting and Recruiting Partner

We quickly augment proposal efforts, fully understand contract management, and expertly provide program execution.

Our prime partners are vital to our success; we understand their urgency and treat them with commitment and dedicated effort.

  • Federal contracting expertise.
  • Experience with Homeland Security, Health Service & more.
  • Excellence in project management.
  • Corporate security credentials.
  • Rapid turnaround on prime and subcontractor requests.
  • Proposal development experts and meaningful contributions.

Contact Us for a Staffing Consultation or Proposal

Call today to learn how we serve our government and partner with other leading companies to win and perform effectively on government contracts.

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We offer flexible engagement options that allow for individual placements or the assignment of complete project teams through a contract, contract-to-hire and direct placement, and other arrangements. For more information, give us a call or e-mail us at...

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