Human Capital

Why choose Us.Because we are Reliable.

We believe in delivering excellence at every point in our service continuum. We believe our commitment to excellence helps ensure that our clients, partners, consultants, and team members will achieve their goals and is responsible for our longstanding success.

Our Mission.To Redefine your Brand.

We are committed to serving our client’s needs with true excellence, professionalism, integrity, and passion. Our mission is to embrace innovative solutions through rigorous and clear-eyed evaluation and support diverse IT professionals to get placed in top MNCs.

What we Do.Make our Customers Happy.

We provide our clients with the best IT talent and custom software solutions, fully immersing ourselves in each customer’s IT and Engineering environment in order to understand critical goals, develop measures of success, and meet challenges with expert human talent and technical solutions. Revolutionize your data into your most dynamic and competitive asset.

Human Capital Services

Creative Global Consulting understands the day to day challenges that employees face. In today’s competitive world, it is difficult to ensure the satisfaction levels of the employees. Our consulting services will identify the problems and share efficient solutions for a smooth work process.

We are one of the leading consulting firms that are known to handle all hiring responsibilities. Nowadays, organizations need employees with multiple skill sets who can successfully meet a company’s criteria. As an efficient consulting firm, we maintain a database that is continuously updated, making it easier to maintain records of the employees and job seekers. There is also a proper assessment done by our experts that helps to streamline the entire human capital process.

Key Highlights of Our Services

Get Daily Support For Human Capital Consulting

This is useful for businesses that need guidance on various challenges as they come up. You will get support from the professionals that are able to provide guidance on every step with your daily human capital consulting problems.

Get Consulting Depending On Your Project
Our consultants will come up with strategies that are helpful for businesses to achieve current targets and future goals. We will work with the utmost determination with your business in a transparent manner that will help your company grow.

How We Help Our Clients?

Get a Customized Human Capital Plan

Our team will help you with a detailed review of your human capital practices and will get step by step details. It will be easier for you to track all the human capital processes. We will assess your organizational design, develop strategies to hire the best talent, create career plans for employees, and also develop performance management strategies.

Strategy to Retain Your Top Employees

Losing one great employee can hamper the growth of your organization. We know every employee is like a diamond and you should do everything as an organization to keep them. We understand the aspiration of employees and we have the solution too. Our team will handle one on one sessions with employees and will take responses via a questionnaire. We will be sending bi-weekly reports of employees based on their interaction and how happy or unhappy they feel.

Get Complete Insights About Salary Program

Get every insight into the salaries which you are offering and whether you are lacking or leading in the market. Having problems with your pay structure? Let us handle it, you would be able to design your competitive and irresistible pay structure with us. Our consultants would help you to analyze compensation across your company.

Optimize HR Processes

HR processes are quite important for an organization and not giving them priority is a disaster. Creative Global Consulting will handle processes for areas like skills management, training, and development, succession planning. We understand the objectives and goals of the organization and will optimize policies according to them. We have a proactive approach in building employee relations and in HR planning that includes (recruitment, training, promotion, layoff, induction, evaluation).

Streamline Onboarding Process

Employee onboarding is an important step in making a positive impact on new employees in your organization. Our experts will help you streamline the whole process of onboarding without any trouble. The company will work together with the hiring manager and will create an action plan for the training process. The candidates would be taken for interaction and we will give insights about their responsibilities.

Create a Perfect Company Culture

Our consultants will evaluate the organizational culture and provide feedback on how to make it efficient. This helps in developing the company’s vision and values. There would be a proper assessment of your company culture and new ways would be recommended to improve it. After the assessment is done, we will implement the ideas with the help of your company’s hiring managers. The whole process will lead to a positive culture change in the organization.

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